Wild Horse Wind Farm Bike Ride

The bike ride started in Kittitas and took riders on a circular loop
of the countryside south of Ellensburg where I-90 and I-82 join.

This area is a mixture of both farms and ranches
with more tractors than automobiles.

You will also note from the pictures there are quite a few
roads in this part of Washington State the literally go no place.

The route passes the Olmstead Place State Park
where members stopped to to checkout a pioneer farm.

The farm had some very interesting items like an early piano
which all had to be brought there by covered wagon.

Sadly though the farm was absent any early bicycles
showing just how meager a life the farm offered.

Last stop on the docket was back at Kittitas at The Tav,
a favorite watering hole for both cyclists and motorcyclists alike.

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