Coulon Park - May and Maple Valleys

Today's route is brand new to the club library which with the help
of good weather attracts a lot of members to see what it is like.

Starting from Coulon Park, the route goes northwest and uphill
connecting to the May Valley Road through rural King County.

Mid point break is at Squak Mountain State Park where members take
in local scenery while relaxing and socializing with friends.

After break the route continues east for a few miles before
turning south and downhill to the Cedar River Trail.

The trail returns riders west along the Cedar River
for a relaxing scenic return to the start.

While the main trail ends at the Cedar River Park, a trail extension continues
on towards Lake Washington taking everyone pass the Renton Airport.

Here riders leave the trail and weave through Renton
to get back to Coulon Park.

While good weather contributed to a fun day of cycling,
members seemed to like this new route and are sure to do it again.

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