Matzke Gallery & Sculpture Park

Members head north to Camano Island for a fun ride
and a chance to visit the Matzke Gallery & Sculpture Park.

While it was raining in Seattle when everyone left, it was
a nice dry day on Camano Island which sits in the rain shadow.

To start the morning we road the sparsely traveled roads
on the southern end of the island with beautiful views of Puget Sound.

After the ride we stopped at the gallery where we
conviently left our cars earlier in the morning.

The gallery sits in the middle of a sculpture garden with artwork
under every tree and bush - many sculptures made from old bicycles.

There were a lot of really serious art pieces but there
was also a lot of fun art that teased the imagination.

To say the least it was a trip well worth the effort
where great culture and great cycling went hand and hand.

Without a doubt more rides will be planned for Camano Island,
fine cycling, beautiful vistas and a whole lot of culture.

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